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Top 10 Surnames
Jackson: 78            
Love: 63            
Bennetts: 61            
Petty: 40            
Nicholas: 28            
Unknown: 27            
Williams: 27            
Miller: 24            
Davis: 24            
Butler: 22            
Database Stats
Unique Surnames:264
Families: 354
Individuals: 1031
Males: (520)
Females: (511)
This is our family history. The SURNAMES you will find here include Nicholas, Jackson, Petty, Love, Bennetts, Tinker, Reseigh, Olds, Rowe, and many others.  We have used many resources to find this information, from documents maintained by the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) to Census information, marriage records, birth records, emails, and letters.  Most of the family history is kept in The Family Tree Maker and in multiple GED files.

Most recent addition . . .

With the permission of Rose Mary Newell Tait I have started adding the book "From James to McClelland" to the site in HTML format. The original book was published in 1982 so there are lots of updates that need to be made. Currently the book is on a DVD as 256 scanned images which are being converted to text using OCR software.

Welcome to Our Family History

This is our family history. In these pages you will find most of the information that we have gathered over the past 10 to 15 years. Even with all the information listed, we have only scratched the surface. This is not our web site as much as it is our children's and yours; we are merely the care takers. Please help us remember our family by sending us any information you may have... be it pictures, letters, newspaper clippings, church programs, or anything else you may have of interest. If you can scan images and email them, great... if you can packaged items up and ship them to use we will scan them in and return them as quickly as possible; Remembering is not knowing that their picture is safe in a shoe box on the shelf, it is celebrating them in the pages of history for all to see. Thanks you for your help, Mark & Theresa.

Changes to the site

As most of you know our web site is under continues change. Sometimes it is as simple as a few lines of codes and other times we add entire sections of the site. The What's New? section shows you what has been done over time and what the latest changes are.

Family Photographs

The photographs of our family are the real treasures we have of the past. This is one of the areas we need the most help in. Contribution from family members is the only way we can make the site better.

Books on our Family History

There are two books in print which discuss our family history. The first is titled From James to McClelland, by Rose Mary Newell Tait (ASIN: B0006EDH1Y). It was published by in 1982 but is no longer in print. With the permission of Mrs. Rose Mary Newell Tait the book has been scanned and published here in HTML.

The second book is titled History and genealogy of the Love family;: A sketch, 1791-1956, by Neva Henderson Davis (ASIN: B0007GU8MM). This book is much more elusive as I only have some rough notes on its existence which I scribbled down some years ago on the side of a family history page. The book does exist, but is of course no longer in print. If you have this book, or know where a copy is located please let us know as we would like to read the book and look into publishing it in digital format also.

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