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Top 10 Surnames
Jackson: 78            
Love: 63            
Bennetts: 61            
Petty: 40            
Nicholas: 28            
Unknown: 27            
Williams: 27            
Miller: 24            
Davis: 24            
Butler: 22            
Database Stats
Unique Surnames:264
Families: 354
Individuals: 1031
Males: (520)
Females: (511)
This is our family history. The SURNAMES you will find here include Nicholas, Jackson, Petty, Love, Bennetts, Tinker, Reseigh, Olds, Rowe, and many others.  We have used many resources to find this information, from documents maintained by the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) to Census information, marriage records, birth records, emails, and letters.  Most of the family history is kept in The Family Tree Maker and in multiple GED files.

What's New

30 April 2006

Added Our Family History to the family website. Initial web design layed out.

7 May 2006

Initial upload of family history information uploaded from Family Tree Maker 2006. Used GED2CSV to upload from an exported GED file to MySQL database online.

14 May 2006

Added an interactive Family Tree to the site. Each names links to a new view of the tree with that individual in the center. Page is generated using live data from MySQL and updates as you click on a link. This will be a work in progress until I find a good end point.

16 May 2006

Updated MySQL database with the current GED file from Family Tree Maker.

25 May 2006

Obtained the nicholasfamilyhistory.com domain name and linked it to our existing website. Updated all of the links throughout the site to point to the new URL for easier access. Updated MySQL database with the current GED file from Family Tree Maker.

29 May 2006

Added the Surname pages to the site. Two basic pages, one to list all of the names and the family view page for each person in the database.

30 May 2006

Joined two new WebRings... UK Genealogy Ring and The American History and Genealogy Project Ring. Created a new Webring page to host the new webrings.

2 June 2006

Added the Levant Mine disaster of 1919 web pages to the site. My Grandfather, William James Nicholas, was one of the last survivors pulled from the rubble. Thanks to George Pritchard of Penhalvean, Cornwall for the information which was provided from his web site and to cornwall24; independent Cornish news and comment which also had a great deal of information.

5 June 2006

Updated MySQL database with the current GED file from Family Tree Maker.

6 June 2006

Added the Family Picture page to the website. Pictures can now be added though a MySQL interface vise writing HTML code. This will allow us to add pictures to the website without making changes to the web pages themselves. Included with the displayed picture are comments which describes the picture, the location and date of the picture if known, and who contributed the picture to the site.

10 June 2006

Added a guest book to the web site. Also added a new page hit script to the site to test out. Linked to the home page only.

29 June 2006

Wrote the new Pedigree chart code and added to the site. Modified the Surname page so users can now link from each name to the individuals Family Tree, Pedigree chart, or Family Page. Uploaded new GED file to server, over 1000 names in the database now!

3 July 2006

Completely re-wrote the coding which creates the Family Tree portion of the web site. The original format used a table structure and had several significant issues. The new code seems to work much better with some minor cosmetic issues left to sort out. I also added a link to each persons Family Page and to their Pedigree chart to the tree view vise trying to add dates to the tree it's self. Add this page, What's New, to the site. Once again I used the power of MySQL to automate the page so changes can be easily documented without making changes to the web site.

4 July 2006

Started the process of validating all of the code on the site starting with the home page. Validation is done though the World Wide Web consortium using W3C's Markup Validation Service.

24 July 2006

Added some history about the Levant mine and changed the links on the side menu. The new Levant Mine page provides a basic history of the Mine, a description of the 1919 disaster, and links to the existing documents on the disaster.

27 December 2008

With the permission of Rose Mary Newell Tait I have started adding the bookd "From James to McClelland" to the website.

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